Consulting services

Consulting on the strategic aspects of human resource management

While material and financial considerations are essential for your organization’s sustainability, what enables you to differentiate yourself, grow and keep making a difference to society is the human side of the equation.

Your success requires a carefully built team, within an efficient organizational structure, with fair and competitive compensation that reflects your financial circumstances.

The challenge all organizations face is attracting the right talent that shares their values. It is also mobilizing them, ensuring the men and women recruited feel fulfilled and flourish in their role.

The experts at Pollen use their experience in human resource management to help you achieve, and even exceed, your objectives.

  • Needs analysis/organizational structure/labour planning
  • Employee attraction strategies
  • Employee mobilization strategies
  • Employee development plans
  • Compensation and benefits


Consulting and support services on the operational aspects of human resource management

Day-to-day human resource management requires leadership, diplomacy and fairness.

A work environment conducive to respect, enthusiasm and the quest for personal excellence is the key to success.

Frank, open communication fosters such environments.

The field experience of members of the Pollen team gives you access to practical, simple, yet effective and sustainable advice.

We can support you from time to time or in the longer term, up to and including outsourcing, through coaching, consulting, workshops, training and more.

Our tailored, agile, effective approach is adapted to your circumstances.

  • Welcome and integration of new employees
  • Performance management
  • Conflict management
  • Support managing teams
  • Establishing and reviewing policies, procedures and employee manuals
  • Internal communications processes
  • Virtual and in-person management consulting and coaching