Sourcing/recruitment services

Custom Sourcing

Resume searches

From its extensive network, social media monitoring and leading-edge search techniques, the Pollen team identifies the main talent in your market.

Sourcing and preselecting resumes is the fastest, most affordable way to create a databank of passive candidates for your organization.

Candidate searches

Whether by phone or email, our team checks on the interest of candidates identified and provides a list of resources to invite for an interview.

Candidate sourcing creates a pipeline of interested talent, saving time and money.

Candidate searches and prequalification

Pollen maximizes winning matches by considering skills, development potential and the fit between the candidate’s and the organization’s values and culture.

After a series of phone interviews, our team offers you a selection of candidates whose profile fits in with your institution.

Full-cycle recruitment mandate

Pollen’s experienced recruiters also offer a full-cycle approach, including more extensive in-person interviews. We then recommend candidates who meet your organization’s needs.

Recruitment service outsourcing

Working closely with your team, Pollen can take over your organization’s recruitment function.

Requisitions for new or vacant positions to fill can be sent to us, and we manage the hiring process on our own.

You can limit your involvement to validating the recommendations of our seasoned recruiters.

Like outsourcing legal or tax services, outsourcing the recruitment process is profitable for organizations with occasional needs whose managers need to dedicate their energy to their core areas of expertise.

Recruiter training

Pollen offers personalized training for mastering techniques and tools such as :

  • Behavioural interviews ;
  • Using social media ;
  • Networking and network maintenance.