Pierre Leroux, CHRP

A graduate in commerce from McGill University, Pierre Leroux started his career in retail, soon moving into human resources management for manufacturing and distribution companies.

Pierre was then hired by Saputo, a family business in the food industry. From his involvement in operational management to communications, quality assurance to research and development, and later as executive vice-president of human resources and corporate affairs, he helped grow the company into an international leader.

Over the course of his career, Pierre’s passion for the human aspects of organizations and his interest in and understanding of business issues have enabled him to promote the development of organizational cultures while attracting talented men and women, mobilizing and developing them to help organizations achieve and exceed their business objectives. He has created, managed and developed credible, effective and passionate human resources management teams that are true business partners.

He acts as a mentor and invests in small businesses, driven by his interest in personal challenges.

A patron of the arts and philanthropist, over the years Pierre has sat on the boards for organizations in the plural sector, in addition to helping create and develop such organizations, in particular in arts and culture.